Tiny(µ)scope - Coffee with science 2011

Want to have a coffee with a scientist?

In the context of “Science´s week” celebrated all over Andalusia (Spain) in November 2011 we had a coffee with students from High School. During 1 hour we talked about “A day in the life of a scientist”.  As we work in the field of Electron Microscopy, we talked to students about:

  • The History of Microscopy
  • What can Electron Microscopy do for you when researching on Material and Life Sciences.
  • How is our day- to- day work: what we do in our lab, the problems we solve the tools we have…
  • How to become a scientist : from High School to a Research Center.
  • The relationship between Science and Society: as scientists we work for society, and it´s our due to disseminate what we do.
  • Women in science:  Science is not male. Motherhood in Science is possible if you want!
  • And everything the students wanted to know!









Documentos de interés:

Cuaderno de divulgación (PDF)

Reportaje sobre el proyecto internacional Al-NanoFunc (PDF)